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Monday, August 28, 2017

Adorn Room Design

Here at The Not So Blank Canvas, I know a few things::

Girls need a space to reflect their personality and style.
I love creating rooms with personality and style.

I'm beginning a new project with The Not So Blank Canvas:

~room design for girls~

So how do you know you need to give Adorn a call?  

Do you have a daughter who would love to prettify her room but doesn't know where to begin?  
Do design decisions paralyze you?  
Do you try to shop together, but end up with nothing more than a half eaten bag of popcorn from Target?  Or maybe a basket full of things to return?
Do you feel as though coming to a consensus with her is impossible?
Do you need a gift idea for a granddaughter, niece, cousin, etc?

At Adorn 
We love to work with teens--their expression and ideas are so inspiring.  
We love to discover and display their personal style. 
We love to create a room that reminds them that they are cared for, and inspires them to be who they were created to be--unique, beautiful, fun, thoughtful...

Here's how it works:

**Note, if you are not local, our consult will be via phone and photos and your design board will be online, complete with links to all items. 

1) We meet to chat about ideas, dream together, plan, hear from mom about the budget, the "no ways" and the "most definitelies."  At the end of this meeting mom and daughter both complete a survey to help identify the style and needs of the space.

2) After timeline and budget is decided upon, we get to work.  Depending on your budget, we can have a one-time consultation to help you get going or we can do a complete room design, decorating, and installation...or something in between. 

Here are the fun tasks that can be included in your design experience:

  • design board
  • floor and space planning
  • pinterest board--specifically for the space, giving access to you both--access to view and access to add to it
  • shopping list--furniture or simply decor
  • shopping trips
  • color consult
  • bedding update
  • sourcing of wall painting, furniture painting, etc
  • room installation 
  • sourcing of custom artwork by various local artists

3) Pricing: $30/hour, independant of all costs of materials. 

Sound Fun? Give me a shout and let's start dreaming about your space.  I can't wait to work with you!

You can message me on Facebook or on Instagram @thenotsoblankcanvas