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Monday, October 23, 2017

Eek! Adorn Room Design Reveal

I'm thrilled to share this space with you! But before you start scrolling, let me tell you about my client, Sydney.  

She knows what she likes, she's smart, creative, determined, full of personality, loves to act, sew, draw--so pretty much you'd all like to be her BFF!  Working with her and her mom was such a treat.  Her parents gave her this room makeover for her 13th birthday. And since she also likes to shop, she went with me to purchase a lot of the things you see in her room.  We had the best time!

Her room before was cute, but was ready to grow up a few years and needed a cohesive look to which she could easily add as much quirk as she wanted.  She had a precious doll house she wanted to move out,  stuffed animals that were ready to pass along, and a hubcap collection she wanted to feature.  

I gave Sydney two design boards and she chose this one.  In choosing the color palette, there were a few things that guided our decisions.
*They wanted to keep the khaki upholstered headboard.
*They were willing to change the wall color but would rather not paint a lot.
*She had a dark jade/turquoise pillow she wanted to work around, which I think only ended up in one of the pics, but it's there.
*The bed would stay in the same place because there really was nowhere else it would fit.  

The wall color above the chair rail was agreeable gray and the bottom was a darker color.  In an effort to lighten the room I decided to carry the lighter, agreeable gray, all the way down the wall. Not only did this lighten the room, but it also required less painting and helped the lighter color read more like a warm gray and less like a light brown.

After deciding on the wall color, I picked the bedding.  

Aww, the bedding.  
The embroidered details and tassels are divine!  The color is perfect too.  I used the color of the details on the bedding for the closet/desk nook (keep scrolling to see).  

Image result for deep sea dive sherwin williams
it's called deep sea dive

We later discovered this color is similar to Sherwin Williams 2018 color of the year. For the rest of the colors, I added blush pink, white, and gold.     

When I asked about the hubcaps, Sydney said, "I found some on my walk home from school" and then a friend gave her a couple at her 13th birthday party (which was an 80's murder mystery party!). 

After choosing the colors, it was an easy decision to paint the hubcaps gold.  I hung them with simple pushpins so if she decides to move them, no biggie. 

Since she had two closets, I made one into a desk nook.  Her dad removed the doors, reconfigured the shelves and painted it the same color as the dark details on her bedding.  Have I told you how much I like this color!?   

I used a clear acrylic chair so the color would remain as visible and unobstructed as possible.  The light wood legs tie in with her corkboard and with the small side table between the bed and wall. 

The canopy was something she knew she wanted from our very first meeting--hanging it was simple and I think it's her favorite part of the room.  She can interchange any of the throw pillows from the bed.

  I added a piece of bamboo wrapped in white twinkle lights to the corner for added glow and interest.  

I replaced her curtains with these white tassel panels.  They are soft and calming and still allow plenty of light in when the blinds are open.

The polka dotted heart pillow was one of the things she instantly grabbed on our shopping trip.  I love that it ties in with the colors and look but still adds a smidge of quirk to the room.

I can't say enough about this chandelier.  It's a plug-in light with hanging shell-like discs that make the softest wind chime sound when her ceiling fan is on high.  So dreamy.

I like this "hello gorgeous" pillow as a subtle reminder...something every girl needs! 

...a close up of those divine details.

The second-hand dresser I found was fine the way it was, except that the yellow undertones looked wonky with the wall color so I painted and distressed it and added new golden knobs.  

I love to use small dressers for side tables.

We found this wooden side table on our shopping trip--a definite score.  Probably the hardest part of designing is finding cool stuff that I want to keep for myself!

In its former life, this light pendant was a wire trashcan.  I bought it for myself months ago but never used it so I turned it into a pendant light for Sydney's desk nook.  Her dad sprayed it gold and attached it to a simple plug light. 

Oh tassels.

Two other favorites in the room--the pink throw is the softest I've ever felt, and the gold bedside lamp is a touch lamp.  (Touch lamps are the best--I have one on either side of my own bed (circa 1980), I don't know if I can ever go back to using a switch lamp.)

Well, friends that's all for now.  I had so much fun hearing from mom and daughter about what they'd like, dreaming a bit, designing, shopping, and now seeing it all come together.

Creating a space that's a reflexion of Sydney's personality and ideas, and then knowing that she has a refuge that feels like "her" is pretty much the best gig around!

Interested in an Adorn Room Design room? Click here for more information and details!

Monday, August 28, 2017

The Not So Blank Canvas Design Help

Update:  Need some design help in other areas of your home?  Help picking a color, flooring, new bedding...a room makeover of your own?  I can do as small or large a job as you need, just give me a shout!  

Ok, back to the original post....

Here at The Not So Blank Canvas, I know a few things::

Girls need a space to reflect their personality and style.
I love creating rooms with personality and style.

I'm beginning a new project with The Not So Blank Canvas:

~room design for girls~

So how do you know you need to give me a call?  

Do you have a daughter who would love to prettify her room but doesn't know where to begin?  
Do design decisions paralyze you?  
Do you try to shop together, but end up with nothing more than a half eaten bag of popcorn from Target?  Or maybe a basket full of things to return?
Do you feel as though coming to a consensus with her is impossible?
Do you need a gift idea for a granddaughter, niece, cousin, etc?

At The Not So Blank Canvas...
We love to work with teens--their expression and ideas are so inspiring.  
We love to discover and display their personal style. 
We love to create a room that reminds them that they are cared for, and inspires them to be who they were created to be--unique, beautiful, fun, thoughtful...

Here's how it works:

**Note, if you are not local, our consult will be via phone and photos and your design board will be online, complete with links to all items. 

1) We meet to chat about ideas, dream together, plan, hear from mom about the budget, the "no ways" and the "most definitelies."  At the end of this meeting mom and daughter both complete a survey to help identify the style and needs of the space.

2) After timeline and budget is decided upon, we get to work.  Depending on your budget, we can have a one-time consultation to help you get going or we can do a complete room design, decorating, and installation...or something in between. 

Here are some of the fun tasks that can be included in your design experience:

  • design board
  • floor and space planning
  • pinterest board--specifically for the space, giving access to you both--access to view and access to add to it
  • shopping list--furniture or simply decor
  • shopping trips
  • color consult
  • bedding update
  • sourcing of wall painting, furniture painting, etc
  • room installation 
  • sourcing of custom artwork by various local artists

Design Direction
2 hour coaching session (we’ll tour your space, give you ideas, answer questions regarding colors, layout, etc.)
Investment: $75*

Design Help
2 hour consult (can be split into two one-hour times)
mom/daughter style survey
Shopping guide with links
Design Board (detailed action plan for the room)
Investment: $200*

Design Makeover
3 hour Consults--can be split into 3 one hour times
mom/daughter survey
Shopping guide with links
2 Design board options, including unlimited edits
Shopping trips
room install and arrangement
Investment: $525*

*design fee does not include cost of room purchases

Sound Fun? Give me a shout and let's start dreaming about your space.  I can't wait to work with you!

You can message me on Facebook or on Instagram @thenotsoblankcanvas