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Sunday, July 15, 2018

So Fresh

Today I'm thrilled to share with you the second of the brothers' rooms I recently finished.  Both boys wanted an update and both wanted to go light on the walls.  I wanted to give them a fresh look that could be added to through the next few teenage years--I'm a strong believer in letting kids have fun with their rooms.

...a couple of befores

The design idea...

Image result for kool and the gang

 Fresh is the one word that comes to mind with this room.  Remember this song?

Coolest rug ever...

The other side of the quilt is dark denim.  I think you'll see it in another pic.

...the coolest side table/shelf...

He needed new  furniture so we ordered this grayed wood dresser and headboard.

Oh hello reversible quilt with your cool dark denim.

Thanks for stopping by everyone.  Need some help with a room or space of your own?  Give me a shout--I would love to work with you!

Monday, July 9, 2018

If only I were as cool as this room

I'm excited to share with you today's room, but first--

The Not So Blank Canvas now decorates boy rooms too.  

When I began room decorating, I imagined only working on rooms for girls since I have a "girl room deficit" at my house.  

But after working on the two rooms that I'll share today and tomorrow, I've learned that kicking up the *cool* factor in a boy's room is equally as fun as increasing the *dreamy* factor in a girl's room! 

Ok, now for today's room...

Oh, and also, I've also realized that most of you don't want tons of commentary on the pics...hopefully they speak for themselves.  
So Enjoy!


Both brothers wanted a wall mural.  For this room we went with this surfer and then added some subtle nautical touches around the room. 

These candles are battery powered and operate on a timer!

The day before the room installation, our outdoor hammock thanks to rain, heavy boys who swing too high, and outdoor hammocks that really aren't *outdoor* friendly, we have the perfect wall art.

Thanks friends.  
Want a room refresh of your own?  Give me a shout!

Friday, May 18, 2018

wallflowers aren't so bad

Happy Friday!!
Today I get to share the room I worked on for the sister of the room I shared with you on Wednesday
 This sweet girl is 7 and super excited about her new room!

I knew that just lightening up the walls would make a huge difference, so once again I used the trim color (Divine White) at 75%.  

Divine White

After trying several colors (those are samples I already had), I decided on a mixture of this color, Raindrop (SW), and the wall paint. the distressed details on this framed mirror...

For the bed, my client found this twin trundle online.  It was worn and chipped, but instead of painting it I sanded and distressed it.  It's so pretty in person!

The girls already owned these flowers, but hanging them together made such a statement.

I love these details.  
You might remember from Wednesday's post that both girls wanted canopies over their bed; this one is similar to the pink one but is dip dyed in aqua.  

We had so much fun painting together.  They did a great job and I love how their painting looks in their space. 

I adore these lamps. 

We were looking for the perfect dresser, and right before she was about to spend several hundred on a new one, she texted me this photo--"this is an old one at my mother in laws, you don't think we can use this do you?"   Haha, Of course!!!  So I painted it, bought new knobs and rub n buffed the handles.  It's definitely one of my favorite furniture redoes I've done. 

I love this "I am a child of God" word art, but is was a little small.  I've had this spray painted frame in my garage for years.  I'm so glad to finally have a use for it!

Thanks for stopping in and have a great weekend!!

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