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Friday, May 18, 2018

wallflowers aren't so bad

Happy Friday!!
Today I get to share the room I worked on for the sister of the room I shared with you on Wednesday
 This sweet girl is 7 and super excited about her new room!

I knew that just lightening up the walls would make a huge difference, so once again I used the trim color (Divine White) at 75%.  

Divine White

After trying several colors (those are samples I already had), I decided on a mixture of this color, Raindrop (SW), and the wall paint. the distressed details on this framed mirror...

For the bed, my client found this twin trundle online.  It was worn and chipped, but instead of painting it I sanded and distressed it.  It's so pretty in person!

The girls already owned these flowers, but hanging them together made such a statement.

I love these details.  
You might remember from Wednesday's post that both girls wanted canopies over their bed; this one is similar to the pink one but is dip dyed in aqua.  

We had so much fun painting together.  They did a great job and I love how their painting looks in their space. 

I adore these lamps. 

We were looking for the perfect dresser, and right before she was about to spend several hundred on a new one, she texted me this photo--"this is an old one at my mother in laws, you don't think we can use this do you?"   Haha, Of course!!!  So I painted it, bought new knobs and rub n buffed the handles.  It's definitely one of my favorite furniture redoes I've done. 

I love this "I am a child of God" word art, but is was a little small.  I've had this spray painted frame in my garage for years.  I'm so glad to finally have a use for it!

Thanks for stopping in and have a great weekend!!

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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Plenty of pink

Happy Wednesday friends.  Today I'm sharing a room that shows how a love of pink doesn't always mean pink walls. 

I've been working on two rooms for two precious sisters and I'm excited to share one with you today!  First up, is the oldest sister's room; she's 9.  

Her room was cute before I got started, but they were wanting something a little more custom and different.  The walls were pink, and while we totally could have left them alone, I knew going lighter would make such a difference.

I chose Divine White (at 75%), by Sherwin Williams for the  wall color.  It's a soft creamy color.  The trim was already painted Divine White but I wanted to go a smidge lighter on the walls.  For the ceiling I used Romance, also by SW, but after painting a swatch I decided to mix a little of the wall paint with it to get the right intensity.  

Painting a ceiling can be tricky because the color can reflect on the walls and cause them to look off.  Thankfully, this ceiling reflects in the best way on the lighter walls--depending on the light and time of day sometimes it looks like the whole room is the perfect shade of blush and sometimes it looks like the soft neutral that it is.    

I've painted a color on the ceiling several times and I've learned if you want to try it, you need to be willing to try a few sample colors, and maybe even redo it once or twice to get it just right. 

I replaced the chandelier with this simple shade and pendant.  
The base was silver so I painted it gold. (I know you're surprised.)

 My client found this desk at a local flea market.  I decided to sand it down to bare wood instead of painting it. 

 I applied wall paper to the back of the shelves and used rub-n-buff on the knobs.

I've heard that the girls sit at the desk together and "work" for hours.. the art of natural wood...

Here's my trick for adding plants that are long lasting...

I don't love fake plants, but these were $3 and look real, so there ya go.

The girls came over on a Saturday to paint their abstracts with me. They were super excited to paint and even more excited to include their art in the design. 

We had so much fun, ate lots of brownies...

they even learned how to tump my son out of the hammock when we finished.

I think their art is my favorite part of the room.  

Both girls wanted a canopy over their bed so I found these online.  You can't tell in the photo, but this one is dip dyed pink at the bottom.

I used the curtain ties to add trim to the lamp shades.  

Adding trim to something is always a good idea. 

My client found this dresser online.  I usually change knobs but I liked how subtle these were so I left it as is.

...reading corner...

I'll share her sister's room tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by!  
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Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Happy Spring/Summer/Winter everyone!...not sure which day you'll be reading this and so far the week has felt like all three!

I wanted to share with you a space I've been working on for the sweetest girl and the sweetest family.  

Jodi is a friend of mine from childhood.  In fact, I can't remember not knowing her.  It was such a treat working with her and her daughter. 
 Last week another friend posted this online..

I present to you the spelling bee winners from 1982.  Jodi is middle back row and I am front right.  A few questions I have from this picture--why are there so many winners and why are there no boys?  
Ok, back to the design...

I first met with them a while before I was able to begin (hence the Christmas decor).  Their home is gorgeous with lots of great earth tones.  The room was a bit dark and they were hoping for a more light and fresh feel.  She wanted to still use turquoise, black and white.  They also decided to keep all their furniture.  Eventually they plan to get a daybed, so all the bedding will work great for that size bed too.  

Shopping for these rooms is so fun.  We were checking out when DK spotted this chair, plopped in it and declared "this is the one."  

Since they live in another town, we kept all of the stuff at my house until install day. 

I decided to sand and distress the bed since there were several scuffs.  I've done this to lots of furniture over the years--it's easy and inexpensive and if you don't like it, it's already prepped for new paint. 

DK helped me paint the abstract you see in the next photo.  She painted a few other canvases you'll see on the walls too.  
I love helping girls use their creativity and then seeing their art included in the room. 
I remember the first time a friend used the word "creative" and "artist" to describe me--I had never thought of myself like that before, and just hearing the words almost made me cry.  It's amazing how much power words carry.

For the wall color, I knew I wanted to go lighter, but wanted to stay within the color scheme of the rest of their house so we went with the lightest shade on the color strip the builder used for the rest of the house.

We worked all day on the install so these girls had been waiting a long time.  Her sisters' squeals of delight were the highlight of the day!

This lamp with it's black base and black and white chord was made for this room.
You can also see the black and white sheets we found on clearance.

The only thing I did to the desk was sprayed the handles gold.  We found this chair online and the trash can was in the bathroom hiding behind the toilet! 

We went with a fitted sheet on the box spring instead of a bedskirt.

This chair was a great find, it's so comfortable.  The light that will hang above it is on back order and will be here next month.  I'll update the photo when it's installed.

Hanging flat sheets with curtain clips is another inexpensive trick.  I love special window treatments, but sometimes having something simple and white works wonders to help calm and soften a space.

Since she loves pillows as much as I do, we went for it!  So many textures.  My favorite is the blue sequin body pillow that you can hardly see in this photo--it is so big and the color is divine.  
I've heard that she has made her bed every day since...

I found this black ladder online and used it to balance the mirror that's on the other side of the dresser.  I ordered the cutest lights to string on the ladder, but they started smoking when we put the battery in so Jodi raided her attic for Christmas lights as a temporary fix.

...cute little print I found in a box in her room...

The TV was already installed so I made it a gallery wall.  Some of the items we found on our shopping trip, some things I found in her room, and some we painted onsite. knobs...

...lots of textures...

...letterboards add fun and personality... Her last name is Coffee, btw:) furry chair, new sequins!... wall color with new black and white accessories... curved shower rod for more room in the shower, along with this adorable new curtain...

Thanks for taking a look everyone.  

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Have a great week:)