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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Resurrection of a Cart

Granny Grant had this little cart for years.

It was originally chrome and 70's green, but then she spray painted it the color you see below when she wanted an update (Oh Granny, we are alike in so many ways...).

We were cleaning out her house when she moved and would you believe this was headed for the trash!?  Obviously not everyone has cart-love like I do.

My husband said "no way" but we all know there are times to be stubborn.  This was one of those times.

I used my electric sander on each piece until it felt smooth.  I wasn't trying to remove all the paint, I just wanted it to feel smooth so that the chipped paint wouldn't show.

I could have spray painted it without taking it apart but I don't like how pieces look when they've been sprayed and creases are painted and eventually crack.

These screws were caked with paint so I used my sander on each one to remove the paint.  Putting them in a piece of cardboard makes spraying them quick and easy.

I asked my friends what color they thought I used.  Don't you love their ideas and guesses?! 
Funny that no one said gold...

For smaller projects I like rub-n-buff or gold leaf (you can see a scrap of gold leaf from another project on the counter in this picture).

The first round of spray paint resulted in a color that was more bronze than I wanted so I did a second coat with this paint.  I really like the color.

Here's a close up.

I'm still not sure what I should put on it--y'all have any ideas? I looked online and mostly saw pictures of carts used as wet bars. 

I love the thought of having a cart in the kitchen or using it when people are over for snacks and drinks, but for now I've nestled it here.  

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