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Friday, March 18, 2016

navy love

Let's start today with a confession: I tend to get totally caught up in the current color trends. I actually think talking about color and color combinations is my love language.

I remember the last time I liked navy we were pairing it with maroon and emerald green, but the new color combinations are so refreshing
Add light grey, fuschia, lime green, or turqouise to any room with navy and have an instant update.     

I found this ottoman at a local thrift store. Thinking I'd recover it myself, I  ripped the ugly, dirty, brown velour off the day I brought it home.
And then it sat in our room for months.  

It took me a while to make peace with the fact that I was going to need a professional to recover it.  I may or may not have told my husband that an easy Christmas gift for me would be if he dropped it off at the reupholsterer and paid to have it recovered.  And he may or may not have jumped at the proposition.

The fabric was inexpensive at less than $10/yard. It was chambray on one side and a darker denim design on the other. I chose to use the chambray side for the ottoman.

We've loved having something soft to put our feet on and we move it around and use it as a seat when we have a lot of people over.  

Or sometimes 9 year olds fall asleep on it when the Oscars run past their bedtime. 

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