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Monday, September 17, 2012

10 minutes + $10

What can you do with 10 minutes and $10?
Begin with a naked window.
Go buy yourself some clearance dishtowels.
Install some kind of $3 curtain rod.
I used one shaped like this: [  so that it can be completely hidden.
Drape your towels over the rod.
Notice that your watch says you still have 2 minutes to spare.
Think about sewing them but quickly decide against it.

Check out the queen of window mistreatments here.


  1. love that green and the pattern-super cute! :)

    1. I know, I'm loving green right now--I think I'd paint everything that color if I could!

  2. We were destined to be friends! The first set of curtains I made for Kevin and I were made out of placemats duct taped to a curtain rod:). I've let go of the duct tape but I am still All About a no-sew curtain! Well done!

    1. Love it! You'll have to give me a placemat tutorial!


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