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Thursday, October 4, 2012

inspired by mercy

in·spire: to stir, prompt, or move to action, particularly to create; to breathe in and be filled 
After I talked yesterday about inspiration, I began to wonder what constitutes inspiration?  I looked it up to find~anything that moves us, that prompts us to create...
to breathe in and be filled.
Isn't that our hope--that our creativity wouldn't be something that is forced but something that is inspired, that we breathe in and be so filled that the overflow is something beautiful? 
It's vulnerable, it takes courage, it takes constantly tending the fires within so that the overflow is actually something we would want to make visible. 

  As I told you yesterday, here's a song that I adore and that inspired the piece you see above. 

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  1. MERCY - I sure needed this this morning. Love your blog! <3 ~Staci (Roaches Sis) :)