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Thursday, April 23, 2015

duct duck goose

If you follow me on instagram, you've seen my duct tape wall...or is it duck tape?   


I had seen a room with tape for stripes, so when I saw GOLD TAPE at Kroger (what!?), I had to grab it!

Our entry needed a little something so why not, I thought? 
It was a day that I had people coming over in a few hours and I should have been cleaning or cooking or cramming piles of clutter in drawers, but when inspiration strikes...

The only reason I did such random lines was so I didn't have to measure or get anything exact.  Rulers (and timers) are not by bff. 

I used scissors to cut the edges which is why they are a bit wonky.  A sharp exacto knife probably would have worked better, but oh well.

Here's the funny part, there are two very different responses to this wall.  Some get it and have even tried something similar in their own homes.  But when others see it, the conversation goes something like this--

them:  oh, are you going to paint over that tape?
me: nope, just leaving it like it is.
them: oh-ohkaay.

I guess we have to be ok with people not getting it.
True creativity is birthed when we can get beyond wanting everyone to understand our design or art or clothing. 

How not fun would it be if everyone got everything about us!? 
Trying to "fit in" to the design world, or any "world" really (remember middle school?),
makes us paralyzed and unable to make a decision--trust me, I've been there. 
Eventually you either have to make decisions and learn your own likes and dislikes, you never do anything, or you play it really safe and your home ends up feeling very generic--I've been there too.

Hello dead wreath.
What are some of your design ideas that not everyone understood?
And in case you completely zoned out trying to figure out if it's duct or duck tape, go here.

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