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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Plenty of pink

Happy Wednesday friends.  Today I'm sharing a room that shows how a love of pink doesn't always mean pink walls. 

I've been working on two rooms for two precious sisters and I'm excited to share one with you today!  First up, is the oldest sister's room; she's 9.  

Her room was cute before I got started, but they were wanting something a little more custom and different.  The walls were pink, and while we totally could have left them alone, I knew going lighter would make such a difference.

I chose Divine White (at 75%), by Sherwin Williams for the  wall color.  It's a soft creamy color.  The trim was already painted Divine White but I wanted to go a smidge lighter on the walls.  For the ceiling I used Romance, also by SW, but after painting a swatch I decided to mix a little of the wall paint with it to get the right intensity.  

Painting a ceiling can be tricky because the color can reflect on the walls and cause them to look off.  Thankfully, this ceiling reflects in the best way on the lighter walls--depending on the light and time of day sometimes it looks like the whole room is the perfect shade of blush and sometimes it looks like the soft neutral that it is.    

I've painted a color on the ceiling several times and I've learned if you want to try it, you need to be willing to try a few sample colors, and maybe even redo it once or twice to get it just right. 

I replaced the chandelier with this simple shade and pendant.  
The base was silver so I painted it gold. (I know you're surprised.)

 My client found this desk at a local flea market.  I decided to sand it down to bare wood instead of painting it. 

 I applied wall paper to the back of the shelves and used rub-n-buff on the knobs.

I've heard that the girls sit at the desk together and "work" for hours.. the art of natural wood...

Here's my trick for adding plants that are long lasting...

I don't love fake plants, but these were $3 and look real, so there ya go.

The girls came over on a Saturday to paint their abstracts with me. They were super excited to paint and even more excited to include their art in the design. 

We had so much fun, ate lots of brownies...

they even learned how to tump my son out of the hammock when we finished.

I think their art is my favorite part of the room.  

Both girls wanted a canopy over their bed so I found these online.  You can't tell in the photo, but this one is dip dyed pink at the bottom.

I used the curtain ties to add trim to the lamp shades.  

Adding trim to something is always a good idea. 

My client found this dresser online.  I usually change knobs but I liked how subtle these were so I left it as is.

...reading corner...

I'll share her sister's room tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by!  
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