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Monday, July 9, 2018

If only I were as cool as this room

I'm excited to share with you today's room, but first--

The Not So Blank Canvas now decorates boy rooms too.  

When I began room decorating, I imagined only working on rooms for girls since I have a "girl room deficit" at my house.  

But after working on the two rooms that I'll share today and tomorrow, I've learned that kicking up the *cool* factor in a boy's room is equally as fun as increasing the *dreamy* factor in a girl's room! 

Ok, now for today's room...

Oh, and also, I've also realized that most of you don't want tons of commentary on the pics...hopefully they speak for themselves.  
So Enjoy!


Both brothers wanted a wall mural.  For this room we went with this surfer and then added some subtle nautical touches around the room. 

These candles are battery powered and operate on a timer!

The day before the room installation, our outdoor hammock thanks to rain, heavy boys who swing too high, and outdoor hammocks that really aren't *outdoor* friendly, we have the perfect wall art.

Thanks friends.  
Want a room refresh of your own?  Give me a shout!

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