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Monday, January 7, 2013

happy new year!

yes, I'm still here.  I unexpectedly needed to take November and December off because painting orders were CRAZY...not a bad crazy, but crazy none the less.  For those of you who run your own business you know that when business picks up, everything else slows down...especially if you're a one woman show.  But I LOVE it!   Here are a few photos of what was keeping busy...

here's one from November, but I think I would keep it out all year

I do a lot of custom quotes, here's two...

a custom color combo of the one you can find here.

a few custom names

 my bestseller this Christmas

 ...a lowercase version of it

 ...and a different color combo for a customer whose Christmas decorations are blues and whites...might be my favorite:)

 a custom piece for a customer's anniversary

another custom piece for an adoptive mom's baby shower...

and lastly, here's one that I just listed here

That's all for now--a quick hello and some photos:)  I can't wait for tomorrow's post where I'm going to share with you an easy-peasy DIY project. 

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