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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

lamp diy

How about a  lamp diy to start the year off right? And yes, I think I'll be making a reference to "the new year" for a few weeks, hope you don't mind:)

I learned long ago that when looking for a good lamp to makeover, you should #1 make sure it works, and even that can be fixed, and #2 look at the shape.  Shape is definitely what won me over with these two lovelies--something about being displayed next to matching ashtrays caused me to almost walk right by them.  I wasn't sure if they were glass or plastic at the flea market, but I thought it was worth the risk for $18 each, linen shade INCLUDED ( I know).

Here's another look at the lamp in all of it's green and black glory...

This diy project took me a few months only because when I brought them home, I stuck them in our junk room until I had time to work on them.  

Of course, after two months, I found the time.  I used Krylon Fusion spray paint because that's what google told me to use.  Some diy websites said to sand and prime but I'm not a perfectionist, so you know.

 I don't have any photos of me spray painting the lamps because I was home alone and couldn't figure out how to paint and photograph at the same time.  So use your imagination here.

 They turned out MUCH  better than I expected.  Who knew that spray painting lamps was so easy?!

They even have some brass goodness on top.


   Here are the two together.  I didn't know that I could love a pair of lamps so much! 


  1. LOVE! Those lamps are amazing! I wish I had seen them first! ;)
    good job on the makeover!

  2. i have become obsessed with spray painting lamps. i love it. i usually hit up goodwill and savers and usually pay around $3 a lamp! it's amazing what you can find. these are super cute :)