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Thursday, January 24, 2013

out on a limb

Maybe it's the excessive amounts of tree limbs that are down in our part of the country because of the ice and snow, or maybe it's just a desire to find ways to decorate without spending money...
but I must warn you,
I'm on a tree limb kick.
This one came from a tree my parents cut down last year.  They thought I was crazy when I loaded it up in my minivan and brought it home.

 It used to reside in the boys' room to hang hats on (you've seen it before in the t-shirt canvas post)  but I decided they didn't love it as much as I did so I moved it downstairs.

We've been needing something for coats at the front door so we'll try this for a while. 
I'll keep you posted. 
 Here are a few more ideas...

Don't you adore this idea?  I love the look but I'm afraid those sweet birds wouldn't last long in our house...maybe some plastic snakes or something.

design sponge
This has happened at our house a few times but not on purpose.  There's something about the simplicity and randomness with this one that I love...pure art.

design sponge
How cool would this be in a kid's room!? 

source unknown
You could use tree limbs like these last two photos for almost every hearts for Valentine's Day, Snowflakes for winter, bats for Halloween, leaves cut out of newspaper for fall...I could go on...
source unknown

Tree limbs are even going to be the main decoration for our school's Winter Festival this month.

tree limbs + silver spray paint + son who loves to spray paint almost as much as his mom=cheap winter trees

They may turn up missing after the festival:)

1 comment:

  1. so many cute tree limb ideas!
    i actually used one as a wall decoration for thanksgiving!
    isn't it great we can use nature like that!